Managing invoices is one of the most time-consuming tasks in fintech

Managing invoices is one of the most time-consuming tasks in fintech

Apr 19, 2024

In the midst of challenging economic times, fintech startups have emerged as a beacon of hope for CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) looking to navigate the downturn. With European tech investment hitting a six-year low and layoffs becoming commonplace, startups have become essential players in the quest for financial stability. The role of the CFO has never been more critical, as these financial leaders oversee cashflow, strategic planning, accounting, taxation, financial reporting, and interactions with capital markets. In 2023, fintechs are stepping up to empower CFOs by automating routine tasks and offering alternatives to outdated legacy software. This blog explores the innovative fintech solutions that are modernizing the CFO's toolkit, making their roles more strategic and efficient.

Automating the CFO's Toolkit

Fintechs are revolutionizing the CFO's role by automating various tasks that were once done manually. From invoice-matching to generating automated reports, these startups are introducing cutting-edge software solutions to enhance the CFO stack. The goal is to eliminate obstacles such as incomplete or inaccurate data, siloed teams, and outdated technology like spreadsheets. William Fairbairn, Country Manager UK at Agicap, points out that as companies scale, the limitations of Excel-based processes become more pronounced. This has led to increased investments in fintechs and paytechs (fintechs focusing on payments and transactions) to streamline financial processes.

Solvimon's Invoice Automation

Did you know that 16% of finance professionals rank managing invoices as one of the most time-consuming tasks? It's a challenge we're tackling head-on. By offering customizable pricing based on real usage and user counts, Solvimon reduces the manual effort required for finance teams to handle invoicing on a large scale. Their solution aims to significantly reduce manual work and minimize the risk of human error. The result? Accurate and automated invoices, while allowing commercial teams to offer customers customizable pricing based on actual usage, user/seats count, or a combination of both.

The Expanding Role of the CFO

Today's CFOs have transitioned from being primarily focused on reporting to playing a pivotal role in shaping a company's strategy. With a growing emphasis on quick, informed decision-making and real-time reporting, tools like business planning software have become integral to the CFO's tech stack. These tools provide CFOs with a single source of truth, breaking down silos and enabling faster financial modeling and scenario planning.

‍In the midst of economic uncertainties, fintech startups are proving to be indispensable allies for CFOs. Their innovative solutions are streamlining financial processes, enhancing efficiency, and empowering CFOs to play a more strategic role in their organizations. As fintech continues to evolve, the CFO's role is poised for a transformation that could shape the future of finance in an increasingly digital world.

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