Flexible Pricing and Billing: Insights from Solvimon's CTO on BNR radio

Flexible Pricing and Billing: Insights from Solvimon's CTO on BNR radio

May 16, 2023

Implementing usage based pricing strategies can be challenging for fast-growing businesses due to complex metering and invoicing. Recently, Solvimon's CTO, Etienne Gerts, had a conversation with Thomas van der Zijl on BNR Radio where they discussed the challenges and solutions surrounding this crucial aspect of business operations. In this blog post, we highlight the key takeaways from their conversation and shed light on how Solvimon is solving these challenges.

Growing complexity with scale

‍As businesses experience rapid growth and expand their product offerings, pricing and billing become increasingly complex. What was once a straightforward process with a fixed fee for a handful of customers quickly transforms into a maze of custom pricing models tailored to diverse product portfolios. Finance teams struggle to keep track of custom sales deals and to accurately bill customers. This often results in faulty invoices and revenue leakage.

Build vs. buy dilemma

When confronted with the need for a pricing and billing system, businesses face a crucial decision: should they build their own solution or buy an existing one? Building an internal system requires a significant effort from engineers, diverting resources and attention from the company's core product development. Moreover, the complexity of building such a system is often underestimated. For example due to complex tax laws when expanding into new markets. Solvimon provides businesses with a ready-made solution, saving them valuable time, money, and resources.

Pay for What You Use

In today's digital landscape, companies rely on a multitude of software tools to enhance efficiency and productivity. However, they prefer to pay only for the tools they actively utilize. Solvimon understands this need and empowers businesses to tailor their pricing models based on usage and customer requirements. By offering flexible pricing options, companies can optimize their revenue potential and deliver customized offerings that resonate with their customers.

Do you want to listen to the Dutch episode of BNR Zakendoen? Click here. If you would like to delve deeper into this topic or learn more about Solvimon's solutions, we encourage you to explore our website or reach out to our team.