Ex-Adyen senior tech and product leaders launch Solvimon, a next-generation billing platform

Ex-Adyen senior tech and product leaders launch Solvimon, a next-generation billing platform

Apr 18, 2023

Former Adyen tech leaders launch Solvimon, a next-generation billing platform that enables companies to implement modern pricing strategies. The platform does this by offering an extensive set of pricing and billing options. Unlike traditional billing platforms, Solvimon provides an end-to-end solution with a focus on flexibility. This allows companies to seamlessly transition to usage-based pricing and billing, enabling them to meet the needs of their customers and adapt to market changes.With Solvimon, the commercial teams of companies can easily offer flexible pricing, such as pricing based on actual usage, the number of users, or a combination of both. For financial teams, the platform also provides the possibility to efficiently and accurately invoice this on a large scale, without manual work.

The founders of Solvimon, Kim Verkooij and Etienne Gerts, previously developed an internal billing tool specifically tailored to the needs of Adyen. At that time, there was no solution available like Solvimon, which meant that Adyen had to develop such a tool themselves, which was costly and time-consuming. Verkooij and Gerts realized that the market was shifting towards usage-based pricing models and that the current offerings from providers are no longer sufficient. Co-founder and CEO Kim Verkooij says, "The shift towards flexible pricing models is why we started Solvimon. Many companies look at pricing models of market leaders like Snowflake or Dropbox for inspiration to generate incremental revenue or stay ahead of the competition. With Solvimon they can."

The traditional subscription model, also known as "user-based pricing," is no longer considered the golden standard. Recent research by VC Openview shows that flexible usage-based or hybrid pricing models are rapidly gaining popularity. As many as three out of five software companies now offer some form of usage-based pricing, but the complexity of billing remains one of the major pain points.
Solvimon offers a comprehensive solution that no longer limits business in choosing a pricing model. Within the Solvimon platform, users have the ability to model complex pricing plans and create quotes, leveraging insights into product usage to identify and capitalize on revenue optimization opportunities.

Furthermore, Solvimon is aware of the challenges that come with implementing flexible pricing models at scale in the billing process. Many companies struggle to automatically and accurately bill their customers, which often leads to manual work, revenue leakage, and other challenges. Therefore, Solvimon provides advanced tools and functionalities to support businesses in streamlining and automating the billing process when applying complex pricing models.

As a result, companies can confidently implement flexible pricing models and effectively handle the complexity that comes with it, while minimizing errors and ensuring accurate and timely billing to their customers.

"Traditional platforms do not provide a solution for these problems. There is a growing need for a billing platform specifically designed for scalable international growth, a platform that fits the needs of the new generation of businesses," said Kim Verkooij. "The current landscape of pricing models is changing rapidly, and Solvimon can help companies stay ahead," added CTO Etienne Gerts.

About the founders

Kim Verkooij and Etienne Gerts, co-founders of Solvimon, have more than 30 years of combined experience in the tech industry. Etienne, part of the founding team and the fourth developer at Adyen, brings extensive expertise in engineering and product development to the Solvimon team. Both held leadership positions for years in the technical and product teams of Adyen, where they worked on developing a usage-based pricing and billing engine.