Usage-based and hybrid pricing at your fingertips

Unlock growth opportunities, streamline operations, and scale across borders with our flexible pricing and billing platform

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End-to-end solution

Everything you need for a streamlined operation, from pricing to billing we got you covered.

Endless Pricing Options

Have full flexibility to tailor pricing to your customers' context. We support ramp-up periods, commitments, and many other options.

Transparent invoices

Give your customers real time insights into the exact fees and taxes they pay. Be able to link every cent back to individual usage events.

Event metering

Effortlessly submit your product's usage events to Solvimon through a simple API call. By submitting relevant contextual event data (properties), you gain access to a wide range of pricing options as well as granular  insights

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Central product catalog

Manage your product catalog in one single place. Add your usage-based, seat-based, recurring, and one-off priced products easily. Configure tax on all hierarchy levels. Create uniform quotes, easy-to-read invoices, and revenue & margin reports.

Create the most flexible pricing plans

Use Solvimon's wide range of flexible pricing options to create pricing plans to be used as templates for your sales team. Pricing types include percentage pricing, tiered-, staircase-, and top-tiered pricing methods.

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We support
your business model

Pay as you Go
Volume discounts
Commited-use discounts
Ramp-up period

Subscriptions tailored to your customer's needs

Give your sales team the power to negotiate the best deal using endless tailoring options. Configure committed-use, discounts, and ramp-up periods via our intuitive UI.

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Automated and transparent invoicing

Turn tailor-made and complex pricing into automatically generated, transparent invoices that comply with local tax and audit requirements. Reduce the potential of human errors and revenue leakage due to manual work, while giving back time to your Finance team.

A solution that seamlessly fits into your business process

Our open architecture allows you to make connections to all your favourite tools, making the management of your entire product, sales-, and billing flows easier than ever.

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Your partners
for future growth

Learn from your billing data to understand drivers for revenue and margin.

And countless
other features

Approval flows for managers to double-check deals made
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Quoting mechanism
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● Term & condition tooling
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Integrations with all your favourite tools like Hubspot
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asked questions

Please contact us if you're excited to learn more about our product. We are keen to understand your objectives, provide you access to the Solvimon platform, and give you the right level of support to realize your goals.

No, we have all pricing methods commonly used within SaaS businesses, and more. Find out about the flexible pricing options and combine usage-based with recurring subscriptions, per-seat pricing, and one-off pricing structures.

We believe pricing and billing are especially painful for fast-growing companies. The faster you grow, the bigger the problem is going to be. Do you feel you are outgrowing your billing system, that you are overloading your finance team with manual work, or are you not satisfied with the flexibility of your current billing provider? Then Solvimon is the solution for you.

Our platform is developed based on API-first principles, we use REST APIs, OpenAPI standards, and Webhooks. Request access to our documentation and find out how easy it is to integrate with us, whether it is to embed our backend into your own platform, or to ingest usage data and configure the rest via our UI.

We wouldn't be the most revolutionary pricing and billing platform if we wouldn't offer pricing that is specifically tailored to your needs! Want to know more about how we do that? Get in touch with our sales experts and receive an offer you can't resist.