October 3, 2023

Solvimons fall and winter events 🍁

The past few months at Solvimon have been marked by a lot of exciting 'firsts.' One of them was Bits & Pretzels in Munich last week.

It's been a busy and insightful week, with our very first booth on an exhibition floor and valuable conversations with (potential) customers.

Our key take-aways?

💬 We've spoken with 100s of interesting people, all open to network

💰 Usage-based pricing and billing are quite complex; nevertheless, they offer amazing opportunities for fast-growing companies if it's done correctly

👖 We definitely should've brought Lederhosen

If you couldn't make it to Bits and Pretzels this year, don't worry. Our team will be attending Web Summit and Slush in November, and we look forward to connecting with you there 🤝

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